Chevron and Child Guidance Launch a New Robotics Lab in North Bakersfield

The Child Guidance Clinic and Chevron have partnered to launch a new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) after-school program in North Bakersfield. This is not your typical science class however since these students will be building and programing robots.

The Tutor Time Robotics Lab is the newest addition to the Clinic’s Tutor Time Program, which has offered after-school homework assistance in the community since 2007. Students participate in an 8-week curriculum centered around constructing and programing their robots to complete a variety of fun missions. The missions test the problem-solving and math skills of the participants and encourage imaginative solutions to complex problems.

Since 2009, Chevron has worked with more than 60 California nonprofit organizations focused on STEM education and economic development. To date, their investments in STEM education have benefited more than 500,000 K-12 public school students, 6,600 teachers, and has helped nonprofits introduce STEM activities and programs to California children. “Sometimes, innovation in education doesn’t necessarily happen inside of a classroom. The Child Guidance Clinic has proven that," reported Adam Alvidrez, Policy, Government & Public Affairs Representative for Chevron. "The kids think they’re just playing with robots. They have no idea that they are learning the simple concepts of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.”

To learn more about the Tutor Time Robotics Lab, contact Kristi Brown at (661) 322-1021.